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What can’t I put in my dumpster?

Hazardous materials. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Paints (oil, aerosol, or water based)
  • Oils (motor, hydraulic, or food)
  • Fuels (gas, diesel, or propane)
  • Batteries – any type
  • Poisons, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Asbestos
  • Propane tanks (even if empty)
  • Tires (on or off wheels)
  • Appliances with Freon (ac units, refrigerators, freezers)
  • Televisions & computers (including laptops, keyboards & mice)
  • Electronics (dvd & vcr players, radios & video game consoles)
  • Offices equipment (printers, fax machines & phones)
  • No more than one cubic yard of dirt, rock, concrete or heavy material.

How and when do you take payment?

Acceptable payment methods are debit card or major credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX or Disc). Credit/debit card are not processed until delivery date.
Contractors, with approved credit apps, may be invoiced.

How much weight can I put in my dumpster?

Each dumpster has its specific weight limits listed on each dumpster page. Heavy materials such as rock, dirt, concrete, plaster and such are limited to one cubic yard in any size container. Exceeding weight limits are charged at $50/ton prorated.

How soon can I get a dumpster?

We usually deliver on a “next working day” basis, but we will accommodate same-day deliveries whenever possible.

When will the container be picked up?

Typical residential placements are for 7 days, but shorter or longer periods of time can be arranged. Licensed contractors may qualify for extended set times. Sam’s calls every customer a day or two ahead of a scheduled pickup to confirm the dumpster is ready.

Where will the container be placed?

Roll-offs can be placed wherever the customer requests provided it does not create a safety hazard. Street placement must comply with local regulations and may require a permit (additional costs may apply). Lawn placements will require a waiver.

Will the roll-off container damage my driveway?

No. Sam’s has wide rollers on most containers and four rollers on the 6 and 9 yd containers. Sam’s also provides wood boards to protect the driveway so dumpsters on new, stamped or faux finishes are completely protected.

How full can I fill my roll-off?

Dumpsters may be filled level to the top edge of the container. Overloaded materials may require the customer to offload excess material to facilitate safe travel.

Will the load be covered?

Yes. Sam’s hand tarps loads before transport.

Does someone need to be home or at the placement location?

No. As long as the container is paid for, the area is accessible, and Sam’s has good placement instructions, no one needs to be at the delivery location.

Can I move the dumpster container?

No. The roll-offs are designed to be moved only by specially equipped vehicles and property and/or dumpster damage may result.

Are there really no hidden charges?

There are NO hidden charges – please note that overweight dumpsters, extended rental times, extra trip fees, hazardous materials in the roll-offs, or damage to the container may result in additional costs. These are, however, spelled out before or at delivery.

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