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Hazardous Materials Prohibited

Sam’s is forbidden by local, state, and federal regulation from hauling any hazardous materials. For this reason, hazardous materials found in dumpster rentals/loads will be returned to the customer for proper disposition. HazMat resulting in fines will be the responsibility of the party that rented the dumpster.

We can refer customers to the appropriate county government office that handles hazardous waste disposal.

Listed below are some common prohibited hazardous materials:

  • paint (oil, aerosol or wet latex)
  • oil (motor, hydraulic, cooking)
  • fuels (gas, diesel, propane)
  • propane tanks (empty or full)
  • appliances containing Freon (refrigerators, freezers, a/c units)
  • insecticides, pesticides, herbicides
  • batteries
  • medical waste (bio hazard)
  • poisons
  • tires (on or off the rims)
  • tube televisions and CRT computer monitors
  • electronic devices with circuit boards
  • asbestos

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