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Moffat Tunnel is a Colorado Landmark

Train from Denver to Winter Park Ski Resort

Taking the train from Denver to Winter Park Ski Resort is a fun way to get up into the mountains. The coolest part is all of the tunnels you go through on the way from Denver to Winter Park. The longest and most fascinating, because when you exit you are at Winter Park Ski Resort, is Moffatt Tunnel.

Moffat Tunnel

Moffat Tunnel work Began in 1926 and first started transporting rail cars under the Rocky Mountains in 1928, The Moffat Tunnel is an architectural and aesthetic masterpiece. It passes through the Rocky Mountains along the Continental Divide. Moffat Tunnel is named after Colorado native and railroad pioneer David Moffat. He did not live to see construction begin on the tunnel, but his grand vision bears his namesake. Colorado is built on grand visions.

Solves Economic and Practical Issues.

Originally, railroad tracks went up and over the mountains. This was unsuccessful due to cost. Moffat planned a more economic passage that would directly connect eastern and western parts of northern Colorado. The six-mile tunnel runs from west of Denver near Rollinsville to Winter Park. This provided a big boost to the development of the Winter Park area. Moffat Tunnel also houses a similar tunnel that transports water to Denver.

Denver to SLC

Moffat Tunnel makes travel from Denver to Salt Lake City and further west much quicker and more attractive. These days rail and ski enthusiasts alike boast of the marvelous structure.

Sam’s Hauling celebrates the ingenuity and fortitude of David Moffat and other Denver engineers, architects and laborers. We thank those who sacrificed to make our region the great place that it is today. Sam’s Hauling proudly offers special dumpster rental rates to construction companies and contractors in the Denver area.

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