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Denver BAGSTER ® Prices on the Rise Again!

Another $15 Increase

The small green dumpster bag being marketed by many of the area “big box “ stores has experienced another price increase. A Waste Management product, the 3 cubic yard Bagster, now carries a $120 pickup fee (a $15 increase) in the Denver/metro area. Combined with its retail price at around $30, using a Bagster can run area homeowners and contractors over $150 to dispose of a relatively small amount of trash. A second bag (another $30 cost) picked up at the same time adds an additional $95 dollars to the pickup. Quick math tells us that the disposal of 6 yards of material will run about $275 and 9 yards around $400. To the layman, those prices may seem reasonable until you compare them with the small dumpster prices around Denver.Bagster vs Dumpster Rental Denver Colorado

Save Money & Hassle with Sam’s

Do you want to save money? At Sam’s Hauling, one of our 6 cubic yard roll-offs can save you more than $85 when priced yard for yard against the Bagster. Simply put, using a mini roll-off for 6 yards of trash saves you $85 over 2 Bagsters and a 9-yard roll-off saves you $175 over 3 Bagsters! The more trash you have, the more a dumpster can help you keep cash in your pocket.

Don’t Get Stuck Loading the Bagster

Either option allows the homeowner to load the “container” at their leisure, but metal-sided dumpsters are easier to load than the Bagster, as it requires trash and debris to hold up the sides. Oddly shaped material or varying density trash may make supporting the Bagster walls awkward, as illustrated above. Couple the difficulty in loading with the increased price and there certainly appear to be better choices for your cleanup project than the dumpster bag.

Written by Sam Stankie

The BAGSTER® is a registered trademark of WM Bagco, LLC, a Waste Management Company


  1. Hey Sam’s Hauling. You guys have nailed it on the bagster vs dumpster rental. I see bagsters with debris falling out of them, rained on, sitting in peoples yards looking nasty all of the time. I can not believe people want to use those; I am glad that someone did an actual price analysis on the Bagster vs dumpster rental; when the true cost of the bagster is revealed we see that it is not always the cheaper alternative. But it is the harder to load alternative, the cheap looking alternative, and the hidden fees and rules alternative.

    Thanks guys for giving me space to rant. I am done.

    Sincerely, From Nashville.

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