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Colorado Hot Springs 3 Hours or Less From Denver

Here is a list of hot springs that are a four-hour or less drive from Denver, Colorado, where you can relax and enjoy the natural mineral waters:

  1. Indian Hot Springs (Idaho Springs) - Just about 40 minutes from Denver, offering indoor and outdoor soaking options along with geothermal caves.

  2. SunWater Spa (Manitou Springs) - Approximately 1 hour and 16 minutes from Denver, features several cedar tubs filled with hot mineral water, and offers various spa services.

  3. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort (Hot Sulphur Springs) - About 2 hours from Denver, known for its multiple natural pools and spa treatments without added chemicals.

  4. Cottonwood Hot Springs (Buena Vista) - Roughly 2.5 hours from Denver, surrounded by nature and features rock-lined pools.

  5. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort (Nathrop) - Located about 2.5 hours from Denver, offers a variety of pools, including creekside options, with facilities for a luxurious stay.

  6. Glenwood Hot Springs (Glenwood Springs) - Less than 3 hours from Denver, known for being one of the largest hot springs pools.

  7. Iron Mountain Hot Springs (Glenwood Springs) - Around 2 hours and 50 minutes from Denver, this spot features 16 soaking pools with views of the Colorado River.

  8. Strawberry Park Hot Springs (Steamboat Springs) - Approximately 3 hours from Denver, offers a variety of soaking experiences in a scenic mountain setting. A Favorite for many people if you are into hot springs this is a must visit. (pictured above)

Each of these locations offers a unique hot springs experience, from historic to modern settings, and many provide additional amenities like spa treatments, lodging, and dining options. They're perfect hot springs for a relaxing day trip or a weekend getaway from Denver, Colorado.

So get the chores done, the basement cleaned out with a Sam's Hauling dumspter rental so you can boogie out to one of the many Colorado hot springs near Denver and live the dream.

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