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Sam’s Hauling Dumpsters Ideal for Denver Remodeling Contractors

denver dumpster rental truckSam’s Hauling provides dumpsters and TUBs to contractors throughout the greater Denver area. As Denver’s oldest and largest mini dumpster rental company, we have established a lasting relationship with many local remodeling and building companies.

Denver Contractors Needing Dumpster Rental

The Denver companies that have previously utilized our services already know of the great value we offer. For those that do not, here is what Sam’s Hauling can provide for your building or remodeling firm:


  • Rolling discounts to repeat contractor customers
  • Licensed contractors receive extended set times and grace periods
  • Supporting documentation for recycling programs, noting material types, volume, and weight are available to contractors participating in LEED® and other green building projects
  • Multiple TUBS delivered/picked-up simultaneously receive a discount
  • Invoiced billing after credit application approval



What makes Sam’s Hauling different?

Sam’s Hauling understands the needs of local, Denver contractors. Contractors need reliable service at affordable rates. Sam’s offers BOTH. Our multiple distribution centers allow us to fulfill orders promptly, even last-minute changes, usually within 24 hrs.

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How Do I Choose the Right Size for A Denver Dumpster Rental?

Denver dumpster rental sizesSo you’ve got the project lined up ahead of you: You’re cleaning out the basement. You’ve even decided to rent a dumpster for getting rid of all unwanted junk. But now you’re wondering, “How do I choose the right container size for my Denver dumpster rental?” Not to worry, Sam’s Hauling will help you select the right dumpster for the job.

Dumpster Rental Sizes

Sam’s Hauling specializes in “mini” dumpsters of various sizes. This ensures you ONLY get the size you need. If you call me or Brian at (303) 984-7200 we will evaluate your specific project requirements for FREE. We will give you an honest assessment and recommendation of dumpster size dimensions. We will not upsell anyone into a dumpster that is too big or costly.

The Sam’s Hauling difference.

Sam’s offers 6, 9, 12 and 16 cubic yard dumpsters for residential and construction use. If you have concerns about excessive dumpster capabilities or potentially hazardous materials, please contact us today. Our roll-off dumpsters can be delivered to the greater Denver area usually within a day!

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2014 Denver Earth Day Fair

Sam's-Earth DayCelebrate Earth Day in Denver this year at the Wellington Webb Building downtown. The event is FREE and open to all from 10am-2pm.

The fair features local businesses, organizations, and agencies that practice or provide environmentally friendly and sustainable services and products. The goal is to educate and engage Denver residents about the ways to protect natural resources and sustainable technologies.

Sam’s Hauling is a proud supporter of Denver Earth Day and sustainable practices. We take measure to preserve natural resources and materials. We utilize fuel-efficient vehicles and multiple distribution centers to reduce carbon exhaust.

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The Go-To Denver Dumpster Rental

Sam's Hauling Denver CO There’s a reason people look to Sam’s as the “Go-To” Denver dumpster rental. Sam’s Hauling combines professional service and quality equipment in a very timely manner. From the first contact to the final dumpster pickup, Sam’s ensures complete satisfaction!

Denver Dumpster Rental

Denver COSam’s Hauling is the oldest and largest mini dumpster rental company in the Denver metro area. Since 1997 Sam’s has offered quality local service to the greater Denver area, including Boulder, Longmont and Elizabeth. The keys to Sam’s success are:

  • Multiple Locations: With 3 distribution centers in the greater Denver area, Sam’s can usually provide same-day or next-day rentals throughout our extended service area. This allows for quick delivery and hassle free last-minute changes. Also, shorter service trips require less fuel, which means lower rates for our customers!
  • Mini Dumpsters: Sam’s dumpsters are designed to maximize efficiency and space. The vertical dumpsters use less ground and can fit into tighter spaces. This allows homeowners and contractors to place the dumpster in a more optimal position for the job site.
  • Rental Evaluation: When you contact Sam’s Hauling, we will evaluate YOUR specific job needs and recommend the best dumpster size. We will not rent you a large, bulky container with more size and cost than you need.

Call today or fill out the online form to begin our customer friendly service. We look forward to serving you!

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Leading the Way in Denver Mini Dumpsters

6 Cubic Yard DumpsterThere’s no secret to the success of Sam’s Hauling in Denver. Started in 1997, we specialize in mini dumpster rental and TUBS for residential and construction customers. As the oldest and largest mini dumpster rental company in the Denver metro area, we focus on two goals: exceptional timely service and complete customer satisfaction.

Why Mini Dumpsters?

This is a question people often ask us. “Mini” dumpsters provide an added measure of convenience for the customer. A smaller container can fit in tighter spaces, such as a driveway or alley. They’re easier to maneuver, allowing us to place them in the most optimal position to fit your work area. Smaller trucks are needed for lifting the dumpsters, thus LESS stress is placed onto your driveway/walkway. The vertical design allows for maximum optimal volume.

Timely Service-Customer Satisfaction

What makes Sam’s the exceptional, Local Denver dumpster rental company is that we are literally “right around the corner.” Orders and customer satisfaction are completed on a neighborhood level. Calls and questions are not redirected to an “out of town” distribution center. Our three delivery centers create a greater service area from Longmont to Elizabeth. This allows us to provide same day service in many cases and quick adjustments/responses to last-minute needs. Plus, shorter delivery trips reduce carbon emissions and use less fuel, ultimately reducing costs for customers!

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Denver Home Decorating & Remodeling Show

denver co home garden showHey Denver! It’s time once again for the Denver Home Show! This year’s show will be held at the National Western Complex on Humboldt Street (see map below). The show runs from Friday, March 14 – Sunday, March 16. Hours are 10am – 9pm Friday, Saturday and 10am – 5pm Sunday.

Denver Home Show Remodeling Services

Share your ideas and ask questions from some of the best home remodel companies in the area. Get the latest on everything from exterior landscape, gardening, lighting and environmental tips to interior design, planning, renovation, windows, flooring, appliances and more! Also, be sure to visit with the many independent contractors that provide valuable services for homeowners. These include dumpster rental, painters, metal workers and other miscellaneous service providers. Take in all that the show has to offer!

Insider Tips for 2014 Denver Home Show

Be sure to view the parking lot map for convenient places to park. Shuttle services are also provided for distant lots. If you are visiting from out of town, call the Renaissance Denver Hotel for discounted rates. The 2014 show will feature celebrity appearances by Kevin O’Connor, host of This Old House, Josh Flagg of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, and Wynn Waggoner of Wynn Interiors and Intuitive Design.

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Denver Cleaning Quandary: Bring Your Own Vacuum

vacuum law in denverHere’s a little fun fact(?) for the day: According to and, “It is unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor.”

Take this with a grain of salt, as we tried to verify the validity of this law. There were no records found on the Denver website. This could very easily be one of those old laws that is very rarely, if ever, enforced, and probably so old it is forgotten about by now. Though, a dirty vacuum cleaner could pose some health issues.

If you search for strange laws in the U.S., you will come across a number of odd laws and ordinances that are still on the books. In the meantime, however, stick with lending a cup of sugar or a broom!

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Trash Container Sizes Fit Your Golden, CO Dumpster Needs

golden, coGolden, CO works very hard at establishing and maintaining sustainability initiatives. Since 2007, sustainability has been priority # 1 for the Golden City Council. Sam’s Hauling applauds the efforts of Golden and other Denver areas for their vision and dedication to their citizens and environment.

Sam’s Hauling dumpsters sized to fit your needs.

Sometimes residents of Golden, CO need to throw out garbage or remove junk that exceeds the limits of the removal services in place. This is not a problem. One phone call to Sam’s Hauling and the issue is solved. We will listen to your needs and find the appropriate dumpster size for the job. You will NOT need to pay for space that you do NOT need.

Sam’s Hauling is a local company. Our three service locations throughout Denver allow us to fill most orders in 24 hours or less. This also reduces drive time to and from sites, limiting the amount of carbon emissions. We are not a national chain with price add-ons. When you call 303-984-7200 you will speak to one of our friendly representatives directly. Any changes to the order can be made easily because we keep our trucks and dumpsters nearby.

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Sam’s Hauling Proud Partner of Colorado Roofs to Roads

colorado roofs to roadsSam’s Hauling, Inc. is proud to be a cooperating partner of . Launched in February 2009, Roofs to Roads coordinates with various organizations to serve the public interest.

How does Roofs to Roads Work?

Participating businesses remove shingles from workplaces and recycle them at designated points. The recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) are turned into asphalt for roads. This keeps roofing shingles out of local landfills. The goal is to keep 100% of Colorado’s shingles out of landfills.

Sam’s Hauling encourages all Denver and Colorado businesses to participate in the Roof to Roads program. This is an easy and efficient way for local companies to actively reduce waste deposited in local landfills. Visit Roof to Roads for more information.

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Englewood, CO Dumpster Rental Convenience

With three locations in the Denver area, it’s easy for Sam’s Hauling to provide same day or next day service for almost all customers. We even have an extended service area for roll-off dumpster rentals. We have excellent response times because of our three locations in Denver.

Central and Southwestern Denver Service Areas

Our central Denver distribution center is on W Dartmouth Ave in Englewood, CO.

This delivery area covers: Centennial, Conifer, Evergreen, Genesee, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Littleton, Morrison and Overland.

View Sam’s Hauling Service Area-Central and Southwestern Denver in a larger map

Why Is This Important?

Speed-In most cases, we can provide next day, or even same day, service for our customers. We understand that your schedule is tight. You need equipment to be on location and on time.

Reliability-When you need us, we will provide what you need, where you need it, when you need it. We are not an out-of-town chain. We do not need approval from a “home office.” Our customers are our neighbors and fellow Denver residents. Plus, should unexpected needs arise, we are right there to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Efficiency-We can keep our costs low because our energy costs are kept down. We’re not driving in from “the sticks.” Our three offices are strategically located to minimize delivery time to our extended service areas. With Sam’s Hauling, you get maximum service at minimum cost.

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