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Denver Colorado – A World Unique To Its Own

This is a guest post from a guy looking for somewhere to publish stories of his travels.
The views, thoughts, and comments on this post are my own and do not reflect Sam’s Hauling, INC. (We just thought it would be fun to post some fun content for all our blog readers out there. For our #1 reader, Heck our only reader; How ya doin’, Mom?)

My buddy Sam from Sam’s Hauling gave me a stage by letting me post this on his Talking Trash blog. Thanks, Sam!

My Time In Denver, Colorado

Denver Colorado

I just made it back to Ohio, the state where I was born and raised, from a journey that took me through many if not all of the lower 48 States. It was an intrepid journey where meeting people and getting a feel for who they are was the purpose of my mission. My time in Denver, Colorado was spectacular and exposed the heart and type of people that make up this great City & State.

1. People are ACTIVE and Fun!
2. With a work ethic of “We Can Do It Tomorrow”.

Denver People Are Active

If there was a river close to everyone’s work I think the #1 method of traveling would be to Kayak to work. There should be a kayak to work day, canoe, skate, swim, hike, run, walk to workday.

unique denver colorado storyIt seemed like everyone I met would ask if I wanted to:

  • Play frisbee golf
  • Go hiking
  • Go fishing
  • Smoke weed
  • Smoke weed then go hiking and fishing!
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Go running
  • Go for a bike ride to play frisbee golf!

Certainly, what we make of our visit into a city is limited to the people you surround yourself with and I had an athletic group for sure. But everyone I met, to the T, asked if I want to do something sporty. I loved it. I had a great time hiking, bike riding, smoking weed, fishing and playing frisbee golf. Not in any particular order.

A Work Ethic on Par with North Carolina

If you have ever hung out in North Carolina for any period of time you will find that North Carolinians have their own set of priorities. Party. Relationships. Then maybe work.

Again, my opinions are based on the small selection of people I was around while I was in Denver.

I was invited to help a family in Denver move. I was a guest at someone’s house who was going to help their friend move, I of course obliged. I’m not afraid of work and I know how to pack a moving truck properly.

Of course, there were beers and pizza, the obligatory lure to get your friends to come work for you and move your stuff.

We show up and I get right to work. I’m pulling things out of the house, down the stairs and onto the truck, and back up the stairs like the heartbeat rhythm. It’s really the back-up-stairs part that makes one productive; turning around and getting back in there to get another item is how you can get a move done. Often, I would make two or three trips while others make one. This is in any State. When it comes to work, I am a badass! Most Ohioans are.

We started at about Noon. The move was going well. All involved worked like ants, we were making headway filling up the truck and emptying out the apartment. By mid-afternoon, closer to 4 we had filled up the truck and emptied the first load at the new location. We returned to the apartment with an empty truck and plenty of daylight.

The obligatory beer and pizzas were delivered, everyone was hungry and thirsty. The pizza disappeared, I ate light considering I was about to go up and down multiple flights of stairs again. The beer did not disappear but materialized in the bottom of the cooler.
We sat on the stoop of the house and had beers. It was fun, a gang of funny athletic Coloradians taking a break, drinking some beers before we get back to work.

The Sun was high in the sky. After several beers were drunk I thought it was odd we were not getting up to get back to the job at hand. There was about another truckload of things to move and plenty of daylight to move them. It was not my place to motivate everyone, it became funny to me how long our break was going. The truck sat nearby like a plane on a runway without pilots. Just quiet. I was giggling inside from how little anyone was worried to get the job done today. As more beers came, different coolers put in place, I eventually could not contain my work ethic. I said, “alright, let’s get this house moved!”- I was responded to by a chorus of “Mehs, ehs, We’ll-get-to-it’s, and laughter”.
I remember thinking, “Well that’s cool!” about how chill everyone was to get this job done.
There was plenty of daylight I thought, the laughter on the stoop continued.
And Continued.
… and continued.

Denver Colorado it's own worldI watched that sun lower itself into its sofa chair for prime time television.
I watched her color go from bright yellow to orange, to burnt orange…
I thought, there is no way we are going to get this job done today.

No one cared. The fact that the job could have been knocked out in a day did not register. It did not matter to anyone here! They were just as cool getting the truck the next day and finishing the job done then.

This went against every grain of my Ohio being. As the evening progressed, I started to try to raise the crew some more, getting antsy at the disappearing light.
“C’mon lets get this knocked out!”
“It’s all good.”
Smiles toward each other acknowledge some hidden code of casual nature.

Looking back on it, maybe it was a prank. Maybe they all did not like the guy they were moving. Maybe that guy is a drunk and this is how he worked for them, but I could not fathom it.
I kept it fun, smiles, but inside I was tearing myself up. I wanted to move the rest of the stuff myself. It was all right there: the truck, the stuff; put the stuff in the truck!

By now we were in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. The sun doesn’t get blazing red like it does on the plains of the midwest. The sun in the West of Denver goes below the 10 thousand feet high Rocky Mountains too early for the sun to get blazing red.
Regardless, this day was done for work. No one blinked, no one cared. The guy whose house it was did not care that he is not moved. He took the truck back without blinking. Like, this is how we move, we do a little work, then we rest the whole rest of the day!

Like I said, it’s a small section of people you meet traveling but even if this was a one-off group of drunks, how easily they all shifted to relax, have fun mode will forever impress upon me that Denver work ethic is very different than the Ohio workers way.
In Ohio, we would have drunk cheap beer, and loaded the truck! 🙂

So, Denver. As the flood of America pours into your famous city, we hope your culture survives or grows along the lines that keep you sporty and keep you Unique.

Keep Denver Unique.

Thank you!

Dumpster Rentals in Golden, Colorado

Golden Co Residential Dumpster Rental

The Golden City

With a population of only about 20,000 residents, Golden remains one of Denver’s most well-known suburbs.  Nestled near the foothills on the western edge of the metro area, Golden is recognized for a variety of world famous landmarks.  Besides numerous museums, it is home to the Colorado School of Mines, the National Renewable Energy Lab, the National Earthquake Information Center, and of course the Coors Brewery.

Split by Clear Creek, the vibrant downtown area is filled with shops, restaurants and nightspots.  In the heart of Jefferson County, Golden serves as the county seat and at one time vied to be the territorial headquarters of Colorado – eventually losing out to the city of Denver.

Need a Dumpster in Golden?  We can help!Sam's Hauling dumpster at the Golden Hotel

With a combination of older historic homes near downtown and newer homes to the north, the need for restoration and remodeling dumpsters in the city has been significant.  Sam’s Hauling has placed hundreds of roll-offs for cleanups, renovations and moving projects in the past few years.  We are familiar with the regulations for proper placement of a container in Golden.  Our staff can assist with dumpster street permit requirements and can help our customers choose an appropriate size.

Serving the City Since 2001

Having provided dumpsters to Golden since 2001, Sam’s remains the oldest and largest mini roll-off company in the Denver/metro area.  Homeowners have used our small containers for a variety of projects around the house including basement, garage and shed clean-outs, lawn and yard cleanups, DIY remodeling projects and pre-move and pre-sale preparation.  Whether you need a dumpster for general trash, remodeling and construction debris, or more, Sam’s mini roll-offs will help you save time, space, and money.

Written by Sam Stankie


Dumpster Rental in Littleton, CO

A “Little” History

Galleries, shops, boutiques, and restaurants are the core of historic downtown Littleton.  While only the 20th largest city based on population, Littleton is a highly visited destination for both local and out of town visitors to the Denver Metro area.  With a variety of hiking and bike trails, parks and venues such as Hudson Gardens & Event Center, and the Littleton Historical Museum, the city offers a diverse and welcoming community to all who visit.

Sam’s Early Customer

Littleton Colorado Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

We provide roll-off dumpsters in the following Denver-area locations.

When Sam’s Hauling began offering mini dumpster service in 2001, Littleton, Columbine, and Ken Caryl became our busiest destination.  Littleton dumpster rentals surged as the area experienced a renovation renaissance by both remodeling contractors and DIY homeowners.  As the average homeowner has limited exposure to the roll-off dumpster industry, Sam’s Hauling makes every effort to ensure the experience is easy and affordable.  Our website gives exact container measurements and sizes of all our dumpster containers. Our professional office staff spells out all the details involved in using a small vertically designed roll-off.

We pride ourselves in being the most reputable company in the Littleton dumpster rental business. Besides an A+ rating with the BBB, we have all A’s on ratings from Angie’s List.  In the 10 year period ending in December 2016, Sam’s has placed over 62,000 roll-off containers in the Denver/metro area including thousands of dumpster rentals in Littleton.

Things to consider when renting a dumpster in Littleton

  • Littleton requires a permit to place a roll-off dumpster on the street.
  • Home or property owners (located within city limits) are required to obtain the permits. As of this writing, the permits are free and are issued to ensure proper safety and thoroughfare access.
  • Sam’s can assist with proper dumpster placement and contacting the appropriate agency when street placement is required.
  • Always compare prices. Some companies charge excessive amounts for small roll-offs or deliver containers that are smaller than they claim.

Smaller dumpsters, more maneuverable trucks, and well-trained drivers with thorough knowledge of the city ensure your dumpster rental in Littleton will be the best experience possible.  6, 9, 12 and 16 cubic yard roll-off containers are normally available for 7 to 10-day rental periods. Our professional office staff can assist in setting up the delivery of the appropriate dumpster.

Whether you need a dumpster for general refuse, or remodeling and construction debris, cleanout trash, or more, Sam’s mini roll-off containers are the best solution for your project.

Denver BAGSTER ® Prices on the Rise Again!

Another $15 Increase

The small green dumpster bag being marketed by many of the area “big box “ stores has experienced another price increase. A Waste Management product, the 3 cubic yard Bagster, now carries a $120 pickup fee (a $15 increase) in the Denver/metro area. Combined with its retail price at around $30, using a Bagster can run area homeowners and contractors over $150 to dispose of a relatively small amount of trash. A second bag (another $30 cost) picked up at the same time adds an additional $95 dollars to the pickup. Quick math tells us that the disposal of 6 yards of material will run about $275 and 9 yards around $400. To the layman, those prices may seem reasonable until you compare them with the small dumpster prices around Denver.Bagster vs Dumpster Rental Denver Colorado

Save Money & Hassle with Sam’s

Do you want to save money? At Sam’s Hauling, one of our 6 cubic yard roll-offs can save you more than $85 when priced yard for yard against the Bagster. Simply put, using a mini roll-off for 6 yards of trash saves you $85 over 2 Bagsters and a 9-yard roll-off saves you $175 over 3 Bagsters! The more trash you have, the more a dumpster can help you keep cash in your pocket.

Don’t Get Stuck Loading the Bagster

Either option allows the homeowner to load the “container” at their leisure, but metal-sided dumpsters are easier to load than the Bagster, as it requires trash and debris to hold up the sides. Oddly shaped material or varying density trash may make supporting the Bagster walls awkward, as illustrated above. Couple the difficulty in loading with the increased price and there certainly appear to be better choices for your cleanup project than the dumpster bag.

Bagster can be more expensive than dumpsters

In the last few years, a number of companies have introduced a new concept in Denver trash removal – that is various types and designs of dumpster bags. On the face of it, it seems to be an okay idea, but it’s actually a bad way to handle construction and other kinds of large-quantity, large-item trash disposal.

You should be an informed consumer, so here’s the low-down on Denver dumpster bags:

  • On a cubic yard basis, bags are the most expensive way to dispose of extra waste.
  • Using three 3-yard dumpster bags (for 9 yards of trash) is more expensive than renting a 30-cubic yard roll off from a local dumpster rental company.
  • The bags are awkward to load, as the most popular type have no frame at all.
  • DIY’ers waste time arranging trash in the dumpster bags to keep the sides erect, rather than working on their project.
  • Most types of bags are not reused or recycled, but go right into the waste stream.
  • Bags, typically made of a poly fiber material, are not biodegradable and can take many decades to break down.
  • They must be purchased at home improvement stores or mail order online and are not deliverable like a Denver roll off dumpster is.
  • The homeowner or contractor must select correct placement of the bag or it may not be picked up by their disposal contractor.
  • Short-term roll-offs from Sam’s Hauling are more cost-effective than dumpster bags, and the service of custom drop-off and pick-up is included in that price.

What’s the Price of Convenience and Reliability? Call Us Now!

Great service is what we’re all about when it comes to dumpster rentals and roll off containers. We’ll be happy to help you plan so that you get exactly the right size dumpster at the right price. Our reputation depends on our top-notch service – so you can depend on us.

Call us now at 303-984-7200 and no matter where you are in the greater Denver-Boulder metro area, we’ll get your dumpster out to you right away!

The BAGSTER® is a registered trademark of WM Bagco, LLC, a Waste Management Company

Aurora Dumpster Rental


Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado and covers most of Denver’s eastern border. It is home to Anschutz Medical Center as well as Buckley Air Force Base. Households vary from older established homes in the north to newer developments in the south and east. Aurora also happens to be the city where Sam’s originally began as a “load and haul” trash business in 1997. In 2001, Sam’s Hauling incorporated as a mini roll-off dumpster business.

As the average homeowner has limited exposure to the roll-off dumpster industry, Sam’s Hauling makes every effort to ensure the experience is easy and affordable. Our website gives exact measurements and sizes of all our containers. Our professional office staff spells out all the details involved in using a small roll-off. We pride ourselves in being the most reputable company in the Aurora dumpster rental business, and besides an A+ rating with the BBB, we have all A’s on ratings from Angie’s List. In the 10 year period ending in December 2017, Sam’s has placed over 62,000 roll-off containers in the Denver/metro area including thousands of dumpster rentals in Aurora.

Sam's Hauling roll off dumpster rental Denver

Sam’s Hauling – Current Operation

Sam's Aurora Dumpters mini roll off

Sam’s “load and haul” truck and trailer in 1999


Things to consider when renting a dumpster in Aurora:

  • The city of Aurora typically does not allow roll-off dumpsters to be placed on the street.
  • Special Use Permits may be available to property owners when circumstances prevent the dumpster from being placed on their property. Having an extremely sloped driveway or no driveway at all are examples of when special permits may be issued.
  • Sam’s can assist property owners in contacting the appropriate agency when street placement is required.

As the company started within city limits, Sam’s drivers are very familiar with the appropriate placements for dumpster rentals in Aurora. Smaller dumpsters, more maneuverable trucks and well-trained drivers with thorough knowledge of the city ensure your Aurora dumpster rental experience will be the best possible. 6, 9, 12 and 16 cubic yard roll-off containers are normally available for 7 to 10-day rental periods. Our professional office staff can assist in setting up the delivery of the appropriate dumpster.

Whether you need a dumpster in Aurora for general refuse, remodeling & construction debris, cleanout trash, or more, Sam’s mini roll-off containers are the solution.

Written by Sam Stankie

Your Locally Owned Denver Dumpster Company

Sam's Hauling Local Dumpster roll-off Denver Colorado

We provide roll-off dumpsters in the following Denver-area locations.

What does it mean to be locally owned and operated in Denver? It means a local family invested time, money and hard work to serve their hometown community. They hired locally for over a decade, creating jobs in Denver that supported Denver families. They paid taxes to the State of Colorado and the City of Denver for over a decade. A majority of their profits and the wages of employees have been spent in the greater Denver area, benefiting other Denver businesses.

Local Denver Dumpster Rental

Denver owned businesses are what make Denver… well, Denver. Lots of places have a Bin There Dump That, but only Colorado has a Sam’s Hauling. Sam’s does NOT have a corporate office based in another state. Sam’s does not have to make up for lost profits in one region by charging more in another. When you call Sam’s, you can talk to…Sam!

If you want some “corporate rules” franchise service then call Bin There. But if you want service from the owners of the company, the largest and oldest mini dumpster rental service in Denver, then you want service from the best, Sam’s Hauling. We have three distribution centers in the greater Denver area. This means we can fulfill most orders in a day. Get professional, prompt service from Denver’s LOCAL dumpster rental company.

Written by Sam Stankie

Construction Jobs Stay Strong in Denver Metro Area

denver construction jobs increase skilled workers

-Updated 3/2020-

Since the original publication of this article in 2014, Denver is still doing better than most U.S. cities in the realm of construction and employment of its skilled workers. In fact, though 80% of contractors in the country report difficulty finding qualified construction workers, construction is becoming more and more popular in Denver with men who are seeking employment.

Original 2104 Article:

Across the country, two-thirds of construction contractors can not find qualified workers. The Denver metro area is the exception, placing in the top 10 out of 339 metro areas in the country for construction jobs added in the past year, says Ken Simonson of Associated General Contractors of America. According to the contractor group, the Denver metro area added 3,600 construction jobs between February 2013 and February 2014.

Denver Construction Summer Projects

Summer in Denver means construction projects are taking place all over. Sam’s Hauling is well equipped to supply construction workers and contractors with the necessary equipment to complete jobs in a timely manner. We have 3 distribution centers to efficiently deliver dumpsters to the greater Denver area, including Boulder and Longmont.

Contractor Dumpster Rental Advantages

We understand what it’s like for contractors to need high-quality construction equipment at a low cost. This keeps overhead pricing down and enables them to pay their employees living wages. Which is why we offer NUMEROUS DISCOUNTS and OFFERS for construction companies and contractors. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Rolling discounts to repeat customers
  2. Extended set times and grace periods
  3. Invoiced billing after credit approval

As always, Sam’s Hauling provides timely pickup and delivery of all dumpsters. For questions or additional information, please call: 303-984-7200.

Written by Sam Stankie

Easy Load Dumpster Rental in Denver

Dumpster Rental sizes in Denver ColoradoWhat makes Sam’s dumpsters so popular among Denver residents? We think it could be the easy load door. Every Sam’s dumpster includes a vertical container with a hinged door at the front. This feature is beneficial for residents and contractors on the job alike.

Advantages of Easy Load Door

  • walk-in access to inside of container
  • no need to lift heavy objects into the air
  • easy to sort items for recycling or reuse

Sam’s dumpsters are designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency. The vertical design allows the dumpster to be placed almost anywhere while occupying a small space. Stepping inside the dumpster allows for more efficient stacking and sorting of unwanted items.

Written by Sam Stankie

Denver CO Natural Gas Phenomenon

Denver CO Natural Gas boom fracking surge-Updated 3/2020-

A few things have happened since the original publication of this article in 2014. After a downturn in 2015, gas production had picked back up with new projects statewide, a fracking boom in Colorado’s Front Range, and Colorado drilling up 70% in just 2018. As the area north of Denver looks onward to its population doubling by 2050, residents are still largely at odds over the contrast of economic benefits and concerns for safety and the environment.

The Biden administration has stated that they will not block fracking but would like to see it become cleaner and safer for the environment.

Original 2014 Article:

Since 2007 there has been a natural gas boom in Colorado and especially the greater Denver area. This also includes Boulder and other surrounding areas. Here are some quick facts about natural gas in CO:

  • Average household energy costs in Colorado ($1,551 per year) are 23 percent less than the national average, primarily due to historically lower natural gas prices in the state.
  • From 2007 to 2012, crude oil production in Colorado rose 89% and marketed natural gas production rose 38%.
  • In 2013, 64% of the electricity generated in Colorado came from coal, 20% from natural gas, and 17% from renewable energy resources.
  • December 2013 forecast from the Leeds School of Business ranked Colorado in the top five fastest-growing states economically, spurred strongly by energy production.

What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

encana fracking Denver Colorado natural gasMuch of the boom has been due to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” According to Encana, fracking is “a controlled operation that pumps water, sand, and additives (fracturing fluids) into the wellbore and down the casing/tubing under high pressure; as the mixture is forced out through perforations in the wellbore into the surrounding shale rock, the pressure causes the shale to fracture, allowing the natural gas to flow into the reservoirs.”

Benefits and Drawbacks of Fracking

While the industry, and certainly the need, for natural gas has been growing, so has the knowledge level and understanding of the general public. There are many in the public, and private, sectors that are not so willing to give fracking the green light. Many areas in Colorado and Denver especially are currently debating over the allowance of fracking. In a nutshell, here are some of the arguments for and against:


  • creates jobs and revenue
  • more sustainable energy source-can convert to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
  • cleaner burning-reduced air emissions
  • cheaper prices-abundant
  • increasing education and knowledge -If the attendance numbers at the Colorado School of Mines are any indication, natural gas and oil production are bringing Denver and Colorado to the forefront. Undergraduate enrollment has increased 2,000% over the last 10 years to accommodate the influx of students.
  • less dependence on foreign sources of energy

denver co fracking population explosion

  • damage to environment-water supplies, chemicals leaked or leaching into our Colorado water supplies
  • safety concerns for neighbors and workers at fracking sites
  • unsightly disturbances -walls built in neighborhoods to deter drill site and sound
  • unknown factors -unanticipated/unknown damage to the environment, people, animals

While these do not seem to be as tangible as the Pros, it is the ever-present feeling of the unknown that has people worried, and rightly so. Although fracking has been done in the US for quite some time, there are still a number of potential hazards that could eventually cancel out the benefits.

Renewables and Natural Gas: Competition or Collaboration?

Natural gas does not have to be an all or nothing venture. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) states that “natural gas and renewable energy each contribute to economic growth, energy independence, and carbon mitigation, sometimes independently and sometimes together. New technologies, policies, and practices are emerging that may allow businesses to consider these energy sources as more ‘bankable’ partners.

Natural gas and renewables can be key elements of system-level solutions that stand to transform the national energy landscape. Much of the current discourse considers renewables and natural gas in isolation or concentrates on the competitive impacts of one on the other.”

Sam’s Hauling cares deeply for our hometown of Denver. This article is educational and should serve to help people understand what is going on in Colorado.

Abundant Denver Parks Fun for Local Residents

Denver Parks Fun parkscore ranking community livability

-Updated 3/2020-

Denver parks offer numerous opportunities for family fun, exercise or an escape from “city life.” Let’s take a look at how Denver Parks have stacked up in a five year period.

Denver’s 2019 ParkScore Ranking Index

In 2019’s park ranking from ParkScore, Denver Colorado ranked 29 out of 100 of the United States’ largest cities. Though this puts Denver 17 points lower in percentile to its 2014 position, this takes into account changes in ranking factors, such as park size, city acreage used for parks, and residents’ proximity to parks. Taking a look at the numbers, there is still very much to celebrate in our local parks!

  • 90% of residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park
  • 75th percentile for dog parks
  • 74th percentile for playgrounds

So where in Denver are parks needed most? Take a look at this map.


Denver’s 2014 ParkScore Ranking Index

In a 2014 park ranking index, Denver ranked 7th out of 60 cities. This is a 10 spot improvement from the previous year’s rank.

Major factors for the index include park access, park size, city acreage used for parks, and percentage of residents within a 10-minute walk of a park. Roughly 84 percent of Denver residents live a half-mile or closer to a park.

Denver Park Statistics:

  • Park acreage: 6,100 acres
  • Percentage of city area: 8.2 %
  • Largest/Most-visited: City Park, 314 acres
  • Median park size: 6.3 acres
  • Spending per resident: $124.89

Written by Sam Stankie