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CU Boulder Team Receives Grant Toward Sustainability

CU Boulder Team Receives Grant Toward Sustainability reinvent toiletUpdated 1/30/2020

Who would have expected a toilet to one-day filter water, charge a cellphone or create charcoal to combat climate change? Well, did you know that in 2012, a team of students and faculty engineers from the University of Colorado Boulder won a grant for nearly $780,000 for its proposal to develop a solar-biochar toilet for use in developing countries throughout the world? It’s true!

The grant was part of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to address a sanitation challenge affecting nearly 40 percent of the world’s population. The primary goals: to sanitize waste, use minimal water or electricity, and produce a usable product at low cost.

Congratulations CU Boulder on another big step toward sustainability!

Written by Sam Stankie

UPDATED: CU Boulder Sustainability

CU Boulder Sustainability CertificateUpdated 1/30/2020

As of 2018, Sustainable Practices Program has unfortunately closed and the former CU Boulder Sustainability Certificate Program is no longer enrolling new students. However, alternate opportunities through the university are available such as their community-based learning for eco-social transformation, known as the INVST Program. CU Boulder continues to demonstrate a firm commitment to sustainability as well as being the global leader in sustainability. This is seen in the university’s array of academics, research and innovation, programs, and available degrees as with their Aerospace, Energy, and Earth & Environmental Sciences as well as their EVEN program. Find out more on the University of Colorado website.

CU Boulder Sustainability Program

The University of Colorado at Boulder formerly offered a fully online Professional Non-Credit Sustainability Certificate in Business Management or Community Management to students seeking additional expertise to improve the health of their organization’s bottom line.

Students would learn from sustainability experts and pioneers in sustainable business practices while taking advantage of the flexibility of an online non-credit sustainability certificate. This program offered the ability to learn anywhere, anytime while gaining access to the resources needed to move forward with hands-on experience, improved strategy, and heightened perspectives on the issues of today and tomorrow.

Sam’s Hauling proudly supports sustainability efforts in and around Denver and Boulder. We employ energy-saving practices to protect the Colorado environment.

Written by Sam Stankie

Rent a Dumpster In Littleton, CO Not a Bag

Rent a Dumpster In Littleton Bagster Dumpster RentalHome DIY projects come in all sizes and shapes. Sometimes a large dumpster is needed, and sometimes the job requires a little less. Sam’s Hauling offers dependable, affordable options for all scenarios.

Some companies offer less than satisfactory junk removal alternatives to dumpster rental.

For example, you can buy a plastic bag, put it together, and then put your garbage in that. Then, you leave the open bag in your driveway or out on your curb. Then, you call to schedule a pickup with no certainty of when the bag will be removed. This is not a very reliable method, nor is it visually appealing.

Do you really want this in your front yard?

This is seconds from spilling over and very unattractive. Your neighbors will not be happy with you, but the raccoons will. This must not have been fun filling up. It does not look sturdy, and the sides probably collapsed so many times while trying to fill it.

Quick, easy and efficient dumpster rental in Littleton

Sam’s Hauling offers dependable 6 cubic yd dumpsters for small junk removal jobs. Simply call and schedule, then we do the rest. Our mini-dumpsters can be placed almost anywhere. Once the container arrives, work can begin. Once the work is finished, the dumpster is removed. We will not leave it sitting out in front of your yard as an eyesore.

Remember, if you need a small dumpster, call Sam’s Hauling. Our equipment is user-friendly and our service is top-notch. We have locations throughout the Denver area to provide quick service for all of our customers.