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TUBS Less Hassle and Expense Than Bagster

Tubs Rental Denver COSam’s Hauling TUBS are cheaper to rent than Bagster bags and LESS HASSLE. But don’t take our word for it. This post is inspired by a recent comment on our website:

“I have used both the ‘bag’ and the tub. Hands down, the tub wins! Although they both are supposed to hold the same amount, because of the rigged construction, the tub keeps more in the container. Much easier to fill. I wasn’t constantly trying to shore up the sides so everything stayed inside. Pickup and delivery were both on time and easy to schedule. Yes you can buy the bag, start and finish the project whenever you want but then, pick up is handled much the same way, whenever they want. I waited a week to have my bag picked up! And, the tub was cheaper!”

Denver TUB Rental VS Bag

TUBS rental denver colorado

Winner TUBS Bag
Capacity Same
Cost Winner: Upfront Pricing, you know what the whole cost is. Loser: Add up the bag, pickup, your time and it is usually more expensive.
Location Crane Lifted Where You Want It Near the Road< Only: have fun hauling everything to the curb
Availablity Winner – call right now or fill out form. We’ll call you. Go out and pick up a Bag? No Thanks.
Customer Service Winner – Call right now, talk to us. Call the hardware store. Go ahead, see what they know.
Looks Winner – TUBS Are Cute. Over Flowing Garbage Bag. Your Neighbors Hate You.
Capacity Capacity Capacity
  • Same capacity-EASIER TO LOAD, walls do not collapse
  • LOWER COST than Bagster!!!
  • Crane lifted into position-where YOU WANT IT
  • PROMPT drop off and pickup at convenient TIME and PLACE
  • DOES NOT sit out in front of your house looking bad
  • Looks CLEAN when FULL
  • Junk does NOT FALL OUT

When all the facts are in it is clear that renting a TUBS container from Sam’s Hauling is easier, and cheaper than using Bagster. See see more about our crane lifted TUBS click here.

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