Crane Lifted TUBS Rental

Crane Lifted Tubs Rental Denver

Width – top 3’8″ – bottom 2’5″
Length – top 8’2″ – bottom 5’9″
Height 3’8″
Payload Weight Limit 3000 lbs
Exact Capacity 3 cubic yards

Crane Lifted TUBS are well suited for smaller construction, remodel and home clean up projects.

The sturdy, crane placed, metal containers are great for small jobs and are less expensive than the dumpster bags offered by home improvement stores. They are ideal for placement over obstacles or on elevated surfaces that may be inaccessible by other dumpster trucks. Our unique TUBS product is a superior value to dumpster bags. Please call us to learn more.

Denver TUBS Pricing:

1 TUBS – $140 includes delivery, pick up and disposal-good for up to 7 days. Discounts for multiple TUBS are available. Please call for details and delivery area boundaries.

3 Cubic Yard Crane Lifted Container

Benefits of our 3 yard TUB

Great for any small remodel or cleanup project

* Precision placed by our articulating crane
* May be set over obstacles or on elevated surfaces
* More economical than “awkward” dumpster bags
* 3000 lb payload limit

Ideal uses for a 3 yard TUB

The 3 cubic yard TUB works best for these applications:

* Bath remodel
* Small garage or basement cleanout
* Deck demo (10′ by 10′ – cut & disassembled)
* Yard and garden cleanup
* Roofing material (10 square max.)

Please note: TUBS may not be loaded with more than 1 cubic yard of heavy material ( ie, crushed concrete, rock, dirt, asphalt, lath plaster, etc.). Containers are marked with a 21″ line denoting 1 cubic yard.